Day 1 – Amsterdam, 1st May

The first half was very wet but also very beautiful. Queen’s day was amazing on Friday, great to see a nation come together and enjoy themselves in such a free a relaxed manner. I have loved learning your culture so far and tomorrow cannot come quick enough for me.

The second part of todays marathon was stunning and on very quiet roads. The architecture in the Netherlands is beautiful and thankfully the land is very flat!

It is so nice to have the challenge underway and everyone I have spoken with so far has been very friendly, I even seen one family on the river Amstel on a boat playing the bagpipes! They could not believe I was Scottish, let along running to Barcelona!


About Mark Cooper

My name is Mark Cooper, I am an ultra runner, motivational speaker, expedition consultant and public relations rookie. I help people achieve greatness in their lives. For bookings or more information you can email
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5 Responses to Day 1 – Amsterdam, 1st May

  1. Sharon Jones says:

    Yay! Way to go Mark! Thanks for giving us such a quick update, I’ll be checking every day to see where you’re at and how you’re doing. James and I both rooting for you!

    Love Sharon

  2. Judith says:

    Hey, Mark, I really hope the weather picks up a little, for you!

  3. Tony Martin says:

    Great to see you’re up and running. Everybody here is proud of your efforts and rooting for you

  4. Tony Bibby says:

    Nice one Mark – great that you’re finally on your way!! All here will be running with you in spirit, and are looking forward to tracking the next few weeks with you.
    All the best. Tony

  5. Edward says:


    Top effort so far. Keep going mate – 1 week down.


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