Day 22

Day 22 – Prantigny to Drambon

We woke up this morning and had a lovely homemade breakfast, fresh bread, almond loaf and to my delight the best Coffee I’ve had in a long time.

Got started at 10am and began with a nice run along the River Saone, most of the last two days have been on the cycle path along it and the views are stunning, very peaceful as well. Soon I had racked up 14 miles, that very quickly became 22 miles and then again to my amusement I noticed a gorgeous house which was powered by Solar panels, however the only catch was that the panel was placed directly behind a tree! Very funny to see.

I’m now lying in the garden of my B and B in the sun on a massive Trampoline, bliss.

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One Response to Day 22

  1. Yer just a big kid, delighted with lying on a trampoline? You deserve it though, lots of love from Edinburgh

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