Day 25

Day 25 – Chagny to Cluny

Today was a milestone for me, reaching halfway in any activity is always a great feeling, it instills confidence and makes our progress all the more visible.

I flew out of the traps today and racked up a first half marathon in 1hr 45mins, again about 30 mins slower than my usual pace but I’m sure I can allow a little more time on a trip such as this. The scenery again was stunning along cycle paths and rivers all day, only small quiet roads for insignificant sections.

I finished feeling strong and with Euan standing with my Protein drink, a magnum ice cream and the daddy of them all, a chilled can of Coke. I don’t drink any carbonated drinks ever but at times I have craved a can of the bad stuff, I really feel strong and like this is now an achievable goal (not that I ever doubted that I could do this but you set yourself key points during a expedition and halfway was one of those points along with marathon 10. The next milestone will be 40 and then Barcelona, keep the focus short one of my friends recently told me and that’s exactly what I plan to do.

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