Day 26

Day 26 – Cluny to Macon

My running week begins on a Sunday, each Sunday I have a new week ahead with a block of 6 marathons until the next Saturday rest day. The reason that I have a rest day is simple, I would NOT have any if it was not for the fact that each week I have a new team member arrive to support me, doing the changeover takes the entire day.

I have now mastered the routine of this trip and have completely digested the maps and how to read them, I have to keep in mind that new members of the team are seeing all of this for the first time and are of course going to be nervous, I have to say that everyone has performed amazingly and I would like to point out that this is in no way a one man attempt, without my team I am crippled so thanks to them for all the support both practical and emotional.

Now to the day’s run! What a day, my fastest time over here to date, 4hr 02mins and that was holding back a lot. It was wet and at times hilly but brilliant none the less. A scary moment was a 4k tunnel which was inhabited by 1000’s of bats, badly lit and all in all a scary place to be alone in. If the next 24 are like today’s then I am one happy man, however the masochist in me has a deep desire for that pain which makes me feel so alive.

About Mark Cooper

My name is Mark Cooper, I am an ultra runner, motivational speaker, expedition consultant and public relations rookie. I help people achieve greatness in their lives. For bookings or more information you can email
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