Days 34 & 35

Day 34 – Vals les Bains to Ruoms

We had breakfast at the b and b then headed off to the start line 10km down the road. As we approached the start line I felt fantastic, physically and mentally I am now in a place which feels very surreal where running a marathon each day feels normal and the thought of not having that worries me slightly.

There was a very busy road at mile 5 which made me think we were on the wrong path but Diane assured me that we were all good and she was right. The next few miles would be very confusing so we agreed that Diane should drive to the next village and I should run alone again to this point. Along the way I crossed streams, train tracks, unpaved dirt paths, main roads and large bridges to eventually find myself rather fortunately at the planned stop in good time.

The rest of the day was a breeze and I finished feeling that I could have run another marathon straight after (50 miles……hmmm there is a 100 mile race I’m considering later this year 😉 we headed to the town where the b and b was and much to my delight the owners of the next stop were English! Anna and Peter are brilliant hosts who run a superb little spot which has wonderful rooms and a gorgeous swimming pool. La Passiflore has been my favourite b and b so far 🙂 always such a boost to know that your in good hands, such good hands in fact that Anna even offered to wash my rather funky running kit, I was very embarrassed by the state of the garments but also very thankful. That evening we headed to a nearby restaurant which had been recommended by our hosts and I ate the frogs legs which were gorgeous!

Day 35 – Ruoms to Saint Ambroix

Today we arrived at the start line and I have to say I was feeling a little down, every now and then I get a little low because although this is my dream and plan it is not easy to do everyday. Needless to say I got started and hammered through the opening 8 miles in an hour, Diane met up with me after filling the car up and drove on ahead to direct me, we got to 12 miles and realised that we were lost, the important thing to remember when this happens is that it is inevitable.

A few minutes later we realised the error and were back on track. The last 8 miles were on a very busy single carriageway which luckily for me had a large hard shoulder for me to run in. Marathon 35 over and I felt great, back to the b and b for another swim and then off for dinner. We headed to Le Vans for food and stumbled upon a small place specialsing in Morrocan and Indian food, we decided to eat here, amazed to find the owner was from Glasgow! I ordered Beef Madras and it was the best curry I’ve ever tasted! Day 35 over, 917 miles out of 1,310 covered.

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2 Responses to Days 34 & 35

  1. Claire Jones says:

    Hello Mark,

    You stayed at my friends b&b Anna & Peter (La Passiflore) in france on days 34 & 35 of your journey and they emailed me your link. They said you were an absolute delight to have staying with them, and no doubt if ever you wanted to return they would welcome you with open arms (and take you washing too as Anna would offer again im sure)!!!

    Anyway I think its a truely amazing thing you are doing and wanted to wish you all the best. I will keep looking at your site to see how you are doing.

    Take Care
    Claire Jones

  2. Diane says:

    Anna and Peter were the perfect hosts. Their place is beautiful and was also my favourite (albeit I was only part of the team for a week). So if your reading this Anna please know how special it was to be ‘looked after’ by you both. Till we meet again. Dx

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