Day 36

Day 36 – St Ambroix to Lezan

Today I awoke in better spirits, even the torrential rain and wind wouldn’t bother me today, we ate breakfast and said farewell to Anna and Peter, at the start line we agreed to stay close due to the weather and the opening miles were completed at my usual pace for this trip (6 miles in 50 minutes) a far cry from normal times for me but up until now I had kept the pace down on the advice of many, well today was different.

I knew within me that there was more and it was time to let it free, I picked up the pace considerably and reached halfway at 1hr 40mins, still slow compared to back home but it would have to do, I’m keen but not a madman 😉 upon reaching the car I found Diane in tears, there had been an accident, thankfully not a very serious one but a nasty one all the same, the wind had blown the car door shut and Diane’s head had been in the way so it slammed shut on her head! Ouch.

After all was ok I sped off into the blizzard and rain, feeling on top of my game I finished in 3hrs 20mins, a full 42 mins faster than my best time on the trip……perhaps that sub 3hr 50th marathon I have been considering was now possible……..the body is amazing and it truly adapts and does what you tell it, injuries and niggles are mostly in your mind, you can shake anything off!

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1 Response to Day 36

  1. Ben says:

    Mark, you never cease to amaze me! I think a few of us back here thought you might struggle a bit, but you seem to just get stronger and stronger! You’re doing an amazing thing here, and I sincerely hope you achieve your goal. I’ll be posting another update in the Daily Bulletin later this week, to focus attention on your last few miles, so give it welly!

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