Days 37 – 41

Day 37 – Lezan to St Bauzille

Today was to be the last day of Dianes week, the week had flown in and we were expecting Ferelith at Nimes airport early the next day. I wanted to get finished early so me and Diane could relax and have a nice dinner in Nimes, I ran through some stunning scenery with ideal conditions. As I finished up in St Bauzille there was a small cafe with to our delight the world cup on show! We pitched up, ordered our coffee and baguettes and watched the first half.

We had a long 70km drive to Nimes and when we arrived we stayed in a hotel then headed out for dinner at a nearby grill. The service and food was awful, so bad I ended up in McDonalds!!! Oh well, I deserve a treat, still I felt guilty after eating it.

Day 38 – St Bauzille to St Andre

The day began a little later than usual as we picked up Ferelith from Nimes airport and headed the 68km to the start line. I began running and soon found my flow. The first half was good and I felt great and I soon came to the very stunning D4 road into St Guhilliem le Desert, named after its man made beach and stunning volcanic mountains.

Along the side of the river I noticed something in the bushes beside the road, I ignored it and ran past but as I did it ran off and I head a great splash, upon investigation I spotted a very large snake in the river swimming away from where I was standing! If I hadn’t already known that you did not have crocodiles in France I would have believed this to be one of them as its size was great. I stood in amazement and sped off, meeting up with my team who were sitting enjoying cold drinks in a terraced bar, the setting was stunning so I had to stop for a juice.

There were only 8 miles left and they flew in as I finished in a village named St Andre. That evening was to be team member Dianes last so we headed out for dinner and a place to watch the world cup. A good day and nearing the final 10 of the trip, can’t quite believe it.

Day 39 – St Andre to Bessan

This morning we got off to an early start. The now 90km drive was a drag as it was my 3rd time! Once we started it flew in and even though there were some difficult directions we found ourselves halfway through and going strongly.

After the day we headed to Pezenas to find accommodation, we settled on a hotel in the centre of town that was reasonably priced and clean. We had enjoyed a great rest day in Nimes taking in the best preserved roman monument in the world, quite stunning. A large 24,000 capacity colleseum now used for concerts and bull fighting!

Day 40 – Bessan to Colombiers

Today we started a little later mostly because I was shattered when I woke up. After breakfast we headed to the start line and I got underway, running the first 10k I started to smell the Mediterranean sea, I knew from the map that we were only a few km from it and the feeling of aconplishment I felt upon reaching this point hit me like a train. To think that I had run all the way from Amsterdam to the very bottom of France, from further than the English Channel to the Med, an indescribable feeling ill never forget.

Next was my idea of running heaven, 20km of cycle path which meant the majority of number 40, I finished in Colombiers and headed to Beziers to find the city not as nice as I had hoped, if iam honest I never felt safe there so was happy to have only booked one night.

Day 41 – Colombiers to Bizanet

The start in Colombiers was easy to find as it was beside the beautiful Canal du Midi, I had run a large part of this the previous day and was very happy to be on it again today. Unfortuely it was only for 6km and then it was back on the roads for me. There were a few busy ones which had me worried for the road ahead but in many ways I feel safer on two legs than two wheels. it was hot today and the air was thick with humidity, I am beginning to feel elated at the progress we have made so far and I feel like partying already but I have to remain focused and realise that there are still 9 marathons ahead, a huge feat in itself, in fact 1 marathon Is a truly massive undertaking.

I have some ideas on why I manage to run these distances relatively un affected but mostly its proper training and determination, that’s all it takes, that and a bucket load of nutritional products, a car, a team of dedicated, wonderful and kind people who I owe so much to and belief.

I truly believe that if you want to do something you should go for it otherwise you are only wasting time. My favourite quote of all time is “unless you try to do something beyond what you have already mastered you will never grow” that’s damn right, whatever it is I encourage you to go get it. The day finished and then there were 9……….

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