Days 42-45

Day 42 – Bizanet to Tuchan

The previous evening we stayed in a very old fashioned but comfortable hotel in Narbonne, it was a nice place with lots of options for some nice meals which we took full advantage of. The weather was amazing and has been for a little while now, I have pretty much adapted to the heat and I am feeling no ill effects from it so happy days.

The wind however has been insane, I am pretty sure something is on its way. Its nearly knocking me off of my feet and the car shudders with the force of it. Onwards we go, getting there, getting there.

Day 43 – Tuchan to Ill sur Tet

We had the evening from hell thanks to our neighbours, basically I had been trying to sleep through this couples insanely loud chatting until 1am, I was willing to ignore this until they decided to have the loudest sex I think is possible, it was like they were in our room with us, after a while I’d had enough so I banged on the wall and the response from next door amazed me, the idiot decided to scrape what sounded like a knife across my wall and scream obscenities I wouldn’t even think of writing here. We thought, how rude! We could have had a small child in there or anything, some people!

After I calmed down I fell back asleep but todays run was a real struggle as the lack of sleep left me weak, I really didn’t need this. Also there was a large and steep hill out of La Tour de France which left me feeling dizzy and tired. A Dutch couple cycled up beside me and asked what I was doing, to my amazement they were doing the same route as me but on a bikes, they were so friendly and i had left Amsterdam 4 weeks earlier, not bad for me I thought considering I had left 7 weeks ago running!

A real boost meeting them and I had a feeling it wouldn’t be the last time. I made it to the end on pure guts and was pleased we had changed rooms for the evening in the hotel.

Day 44 – Ille sur Tet to Maurellias

We left Perpignan and had a lovely breakfast at a place on the main road, we headed to the start line in Ille sur Tet. The day was pretty quiet by usual standards, went through Thuir which was lovely and I went unsupported for a while as the car had to go a different way to me. The day flew in and near the end on a climb I bumped into some Canadians who were hill walking for their holidays.

We also met the lovely Dutch couple again who were camping in Maurellias. Once we finished we headed to Corriales which is on the French coast, the hotel was stunning with a view of the Med Sea, after a little relaxation we went for a walk along the beach and for dinner. There was a restaurant which sold the freshest seafood and we loved it, washed down with a glass of red wine from up the road and a crepe with chocolate and caramel, a perfect tonic for the last two nights with the couple from hell.

Also I have to note that the wind has only become worse, if this keeps up there are going to be some trees coming down and maybe even buildings.

Day 45 – Maurellias to Terrades

We had travelled to the coast to stay on the sea front in the beautiful Colliers, I would highly recommend this to anyone wanting a stunning and charming stay, it also meant a 30km drive to the start line in Maurellias. I got underway knowing full well that we would pass into Spain and say goodbye to France, a major push forward!

I had an 8km climb from the off which led us up narrow mountain trails to Las Illas, a small village at 750 metres, we stopped for a coffee as I would have to say farewell to the support vehicle and go it along for 13km, we parted and I carried on upwards, it was very steep and the wind was like a hurricane, so strong it had earlier knocked down two trees narrowly missing our car!

As I approached the Col I spotted the monuments and writing that made me aware that I was now in SPAIN! The feeling was indescribable, to think I had come all the way from Amsterdam and was now in Spain was a lot to take in. The views were unbelievable at the top and the only thing I felt sad about was not having anyone to share it with. I was flying now and flew down the hill into Spain, meeting up with Ferelith who had to take the motorway as my route was illegal for cars.

There was another 300 metre hill to get over but at this point I think I could deal with anything, a great day made even better by the support shown by everyone. The wind is really bad now with sand being swept across the streets and waves getting bigger and bigger, thank heavens most of my hills are smaller now!

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