West Highland Way Race 2011 & Other Plans

West Highland Way Route

I recently posted on my Facebook Page saying that 2010 had been the best year of my life, I meant that for many reasons.

Just when I thought life couldnt get any better I open up my email account to find that I have been given a “provisional place” in 2011’s WHWR.

The provision being that I complete a 65km off road race as a qualifier, as I have entered the Highland Fling I am hoping that this will be enough to see me book my place at the starting line.

I remember a couple of years ago watching The Adventure Show in which it documented the WHWR, I recall being in total awe at how these normal looking people could run such a distance (95 miles, probably about 120 with incline!)

I was instantly keen on finding out more and it was a great deal down to this programme that I began to take my running a little more seriously. Before long I decided to run 1,311 miles in 56 days and began making plans to run my first Ultramarathon distance.

One thing that bothered me over the last year despite all of my progress and achievements was the lack of many “official” events so in 2011 as well as having my own personal challenged I am keen to enter into more official events so I am currenty signed up or going to sign up to the following

The Highland Fling, D33 Ultra, , Glasgow to Edinburgh Double Marathon, WHWR, Edinburgh Marathon,

2011 Promises to be another amazing year and to cap all of this, after the West Highland Way Race I plan to run from Edinburgh to London in a zig zag route. I hope to cover 560 miles in just 5 days, thats about 20 hours running every day and hopefully a new Guinness World Record for most miles run in 120 hours.

Bring it on!!!

About Mark Cooper

My name is Mark Cooper, I am an ultra runner, motivational speaker, expedition consultant and public relations rookie. I help people achieve greatness in their lives. For bookings or more information you can email mark@runwithmark.com
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8 Responses to West Highland Way Race 2011 & Other Plans

  1. Garry Mac says:

    Best of luck with the whole Ultra series, you’ll skoosh it, and really enjoy it, I reckon.
    As a discussion point, how do you reckon a season of Ultras will impact on your body compared to your previous 50 day epic? Should be an interesting comparison!

    • Mark Cooper says:

      Hey Garry, thanks for the comment, I am not sure, i guess its going to be another year of learning for me. Having only ever done one ultra distance before (100 miles in 17hrs) I was unable to move the next day apart from going to the loo so I guess its going to be even more critical to keep my range of movement up and stretch more often than I currently do. What do you reckon will be the main differences?

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  3. Garry Mac says:

    Not sure! You would reckon your run thru Europe (and subsequent regular running) has conditioned your bod to cope with the likely stresses and 4 or 5 spikes in the distance graph won’t affect you adversely. I suppose another factor to consider is level of taper you employ for each race; the balancing act might be tempering your performance in each of these individual races to keep your eye on the prize of a record breaking zigzag!
    All good dilemas to have though, and an exciting year ahead! Look forward to seeing you in the surreal environment that is Milngavie Station car park full of lycra warriors at one AM in June!
    Best of luck meantime!

  4. Rumble says:

    Hey guys,

    If you are doing The West Highland Way you may find this short video quite useful.

    The following link will take you to our film – you may have to copy and paste it into a browser..


  5. Rob Reid says:

    Talking of official events and ultras in 2011, how about the Kintyre Way Ultra (66 miles) on 7th May?
    Male record (11h53m) needs improving, though Lucy Colquhoun’s 11h01m would be hard to beat!
    Details on http://www.kintyrewayrelay.co.uk

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