West Highland Way Race

Its the West Highland Way Race this weekend and I am very excited about it.

This will be my first time taking part in the race and my aim is to complete it in under 24hrs. Even though I have set this time I am not applying any pressure and will not be too disappointed if I go over this estimate.

The race is definately going to be the highlight of my running year, I rememeber watching a programme in 2009 about the race on The Adventure Show and thinking that these people must be insane. I had not run a marathon distance or ultra at that point. I think ive run over 80 marathon distances and 5 or 6 ultras since then, amazing how times change.

My only other experience which I can draw on for the WHW race is my 100 mile battle with Hadrian’s Wall in July 2010. I finished that in 16hrs 59mins, I remember the pain for the last 6 miles all too well! As usual though now looking back all I am left with is pride and happy memories of finishing.

So to everyone running this weekend, good luck, look after each other (and me) and start slowly

I would like to thank my support crew in advance as without the team I wouldnt be able to compete, its going to be quite an adventure for us all im sure.


About Mark Cooper

My name is Mark Cooper, I am an ultra runner, motivational speaker, expedition consultant and public relations rookie. I help people achieve greatness in their lives. For bookings or more information you can email mark@runwithmark.com
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5 Responses to West Highland Way Race

  1. Karen says:

    I’ve done Milngavie to Drymen and back with my 2 year old daughter on my shoulders – good luck and enjoy x

  2. Joel Lumsden says:

    Good luck Mark, hope you get OK weather for it!

    I haven’t really run since the marathon (knee knack), so I’m quite jealous in some ways!

  3. Leslie says:

    All the best Mark, hope it all goes well for you! Is there live updates anywhere on the race?

  4. Howard Seal says:

    Couldn’t see you on the results, did you get injured? I was not successful in my entry maybe next year (well none of my emails were responded too…)

    • Mark Cooper says:

      Hey Howard, I pulled out a third of the way in, throwing up and a serious case of the runners runs, too early to come back from. Next year

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