Guest Blog – David Haas – Fitness Fun with Cancer

This is a guest blog post by David Haas from The Mesotheliona Cancer Alliance

I really believe in the content of the site so was happy for David to come on here with a post. You can follow David on Twitter – HERE

Fitness Fun With Cancer

Cancer is not a diagnosis anyone wants to receive. Just hearing the word can bring on a debilitating fear. But that doesn’t have to be the case. A person who has just been told they have skin or even mesothelioma cancer can choose how they will handle receiving such a diagnosis.

Getting cancer is something one cannot control and should not be where a person puts their energy. Instead, energy needs to be put into doing things that will make a person feel better about themselves, yet is still fun too. Fitness is perfect for not only helping the body get back into a balanced state of healing; it can also be a way to have fun and forget about any problems one may be facing.

Let’s talk about some of the ways a person dealing with cancer can bridge the gap between fitness and fun.

Exploring the City

Walking is a great way to get the body moving and can be done by anyone, no matter their fitness level. There are bound to be unexplored areas of the city in which a person lives. Taking a walk around those areas can provide a new perspective on the city. And it doesn’t have to be walking around the whole city; a person could just walk around their neighborhood, leaving each day headed in a different direction. It will burn calories while at the same time help to focus the mind on the beauty surrounding them rather than on cancer.

Sign up for a Fitness Class

Fitness classes are easy to find because they are everywhere. Whether it is the local YMCA or a fitness studio in the area, be sure to pick a class that seems interesting. If a person likes to be in the water, there are fantastic aquatic classes that are great for fitness level and easier on the joints. Or maybe a person has always wanted to take a kickboxing class, this would be the perfect time to sign up.

Join a Gym

A fitness center can be the best of all worlds for some. Any good fitness center will have a large selection of exercise equipment, including everything from stationary bikes to free hand weights. In addition, one should check to see if there are group classes available that are included as a part of the membership fee.

The key to making fitness fun is to find something that is enjoyable, because then it won’t feel like exercise. No one says a person has to pick one fitness regimen and stick to it forever; the fun part will be in trying out new things and discovering what one prefers to do in order to stay physically fit.

A person should never let something like a cancer diagnosis stop them from continuing to live their life as if it will continue on for many years to come. Fitness needs to be a priority for everyone, whether they are suffering from cancer or not.

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2 Responses to Guest Blog – David Haas – Fitness Fun with Cancer

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  2. Donna says:

    I appreciated reading your column David – wish I had read it sooner. When I was diagnosed with non-hodgkins lymphoma 2 years ago my gym membership was just coming up for renewal. I did not renew as my idea of dealing with chemo was that I would often be vomiting, lying weakly on the couch, etc. In fact, I was really pretty healthy during chemo, no vomiting but did have fatigue. I tried to get out and do something every day, even going for walks although this was in the middle of record snowfalls in Ontario! If I had to do it again I’d have kept my gym membership, although I’m not sure how I would have dealt with working out without my wig on. May have been difficult to do. Now that I’m feeling much stronger and have more energy, I’m going to start the couch to 5k program to get my pre-chemo body back!

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