Motivational Speaking

Mark’s has been fortunate enough to share his stories with hundreds of people. The main focus of his talks are based on goal setting, team work and showing that adventure can be had even in daily life.

He talks about his progress over the last three years – from living for the weekend and smoking twenty cigarettes every day, to regularly challenging himself to improve his life with a goal of progression and always learning.

He has visited everything from blue chip companies to primary schools, personalising every presentation to fit his audience.

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Greg Werneckie – Head of Sport Glasgow 2014
“Your presentation was moving and inspiring and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I felt as if I had been on part of your journey, all without running a meter, let alone thousands of them. Congratulations on all of your future achievements.”

Stephen Dick – Partner at global Law Firm DLA Piper UK LLP
“A truly inspirational account of your epic run from Amsterdam to Barcelona – the audience were left slightly in awe at your motivation and determination for such a passionate cause – best wishes for all your future challenges.”

Derek Grieve – Head of Sport at The Scottish Government
“Mark, what a story! I found your presentation interesting and hugely inspiring. There was a great mix of humour and facts to keep everyone interested throughout, well done again.”

Douglas Armstrong – Active Nations
“When I heard that someone had run 50 marathons I thought they must have been mad, when I met you I was wrong and what you said made a lot of sense, it was relevant to my employees and I am sure that everyone who attended will have taken a something away from the experience.”

Alistair Currie – Jog Scotland Manager
“Mark, I followed your adventure closely and was delighted when you agreed to speak at our annual Scottish Athletics seminar. The feedback was great and as an ex professional runner I applaud you on all that you have achieved for such a worthy cause.. An excellent talk full of laughter and emotion, an experience not to forget.”

Tricia Ciaparra – Lead teacher for Norfolk’s Children in Care
“Our children will never forget today, your ability to show that anything is possible is remarkable, thank you.”

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