Day 46

Day 46 – Terrades to Foixa

I thought it was hot in France but the heat just across the border in Spain hit me today like a wall, its not that it was hotter than other days it is a different humid kind of heat here. After breakfast I got started and felt great, I knew it was a flat day ahead and I wanted to get it done today so I flew out of the traps, halfway in I was happy with my time and with the lure of a swimming pool with panoramic views of the city of Roses as a reward I wanted to finish early.

Not much happened today apart from the heat and having to strip off because of it, I reckon the last few will have to be done topless at this rate, the day closed with an amazing run through the woods ending up in Foixa, only 4 to go, I can’t believe it.

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2 Responses to Day 46

  1. Dark knight says:

    I’ve driven by the gun store many times, yay i live in vegas.

  2. Amazing Alex says:

    Totally disagree. I normally love to see the younger players coming through but Coquelin hasn’t got the tenacity of a Flamini the calm of a Gilberto the flair of a Petit or the power of a Viera. He’s not a n answer to what we need in midfield no matter who he plays with. A much better prospect was Ozzie Ozgayup (sorry about the spelling!) who our dear leader RVP advised to leave us for pastures greener.

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